Architectural timber cladding

Our premium timber claddings are highly attractive, versatile and naturally durable.

The Benefits When Specifying Timber Cladding

Naturally Durable

All of our timber cladding are naturally durabile and don’t require any further treatments.


Long Service Life

When detailed correctly for your project our architectural timber cladding can last 50 years and more.


Sustainable Cladding

The timber we use to produce our claddings is responsibly sourced from suppliers all across the globe.


Excellent Stability

We only supply timebr cladding that proves to have good to excellent stability in service.


Environmentally Friendly

Timber has a low carbon footprint meaning it requires less energy to produce than any other construction material


Fully Recyclable 

Unlike other cladding materials timber cladding is fully recyclable at the end of it’s long life.

Our Product Range

shou sugi ban timber cladding

Yakisugi (Burnt Timber Cladding)

Aesthetically Powerful

Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method to preserve wood and has been used for hundreds of years in Japan to produce durable timber cladding. Inspired by these age-old Japanese traditions we char every board in our own oven. It requires a high degree of craftsmanship for this delicate process and needs considerable experience to master. 

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western red cedar timber cladding

Western Red Cedar

A flawless look combined with excellent durability

Western Red Cedar cladding is valued for its distinctive appearance with colours ranging from salmon pink to chocolate brown, a tight straight grain and few knots. It blends effortlessly with other façade materials to give a low maintenance, contemporary appearance to many current building projects.

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siberian larch timber cladding

Douglas Fir

Remarkable qualities and unique performance

With a lifespan in excess of 50 years, Douglas Fir is one of the toughest and most durable softwoods available and has been specified for residential and commercial applications including schools and sports facilities.

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Thermowood cladding


A great Eco Friendly option for cladding and decking

Enhanced durabiltiy and stability using only heat, steam and pressure.  The timber turn a beautiful chocolate brown colour during the heat treatment process.

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accoya timber cladding ireland


Outstanding dimensional stability

The world’s leading high technology timber, created via acetylated wood modification, using sustainably grown timber. This exceptional timber product is endlessly practical and is particularly suitable for producing high performance, low maintenance, sustainable construction products such as cladding and decking,

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