Burnt timber 

An ancient Japanese technique rediscovered for a modern world

Yakisugi  ( Burnt Timber Cladding)

Yakisugi is a traditional Japanese method to preserve wood and has been used for hundreds of years in Japan. Inspired by these age-old Japanese traditions we char every board in our own oven. It requires a high degree of craftsmanship for this delicate process and needs considerable experience to master.  We manufacture our burnt timber cladding in house where we can control the depth and consistancy of charring, brushing and sealing to create many styles and colours of our Yakisugi (Shou Sugi Ban) .

Naturally Durable

Our timbers are naturally durabile, however the shou sugi ban process increases durability further.


Long Service Life

When detailed correctly for your project our shou sugi ban cladding can last 80 years and more.


Sustainable Cladding

The timber we use to produce our Yakisugi cladding is responsibly sourced from suppliers all across the globe.


Excellent Stability

We only supply timebr cladding that proves to have good to excellent stability in service.


Environmentally Friendly

With a low carbon footprint meaning it requires less energy to produce than any other construction material


Fully Recyclable 

Unlike other cladding materials shou sugi ban is fully recyclable at the end of it’s long life.

burnt timber cladding

Yakedo - Yakisugi

A deep burn and sealed to fix that blister effect for longer

Yakedo is burnt in our in-house charring line and then coated with our specially developed oil to fix the char helping to hold that character for longer.

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shou sugi ban cladding

Hikari - Yakisugi

Once brushed and sealed 

Hikari is brushed and coated in our special Dark Night finish. Depending on the species Hikari creates a dramatic effect for any project.

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burnt timber cladding

Fukai - Yakisugi

Heavy brushed and sealed - 6 different colours to choose

Fukai is produced using the very same method as Yakedo and Hikari, however we now brush the burnt timber cladding twice to deepen the contrast between late and early wood. Choose 6 colours or a clear option for hassel free maintenance.

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