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Hidden Gem | Galway creates a low maintenance solution for clients

This Charred House project in Galway was designed and built as a holiday home for the clients.  Careful attention was given to the type of cladding products as the clients didn't want to be tied into scheduled maintenance cycles.  Therefore it was agreed to charr the cladding and apply a coat of clear oil.  The oil was only necessary to avoid sut rubbing off on clothes, or washing down onto the fresh groundswork with the first rainfall. 

Over an 18 month period the cladding aged to a beautiful silver weathered patina but then exudes brown tones again during the enevitable rainy weather on the west coast.

Long service life and durability

Low carbon footprint

Very little maintenance

Douglas fir Hikari Yakisugi cladding

Douglas | Fukai | Clear Oil

Wood Species

Douglas Fir (Knotty) Ex1x6


Fukai Yakisugi | Clear Oil


Ben Rilot Associates


Cregduff Construction


Classic 142x19 charred brushed and sealed

Burnt timber cladding Ireland
Burnt timber cladding
charred timber cladding Ireland
charred timber
charred cladding Ireland
Burnt timber cladding Ireland

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