That's a wrap | Longford

Yakisugi | Fukai | Clear Oil

That's a wrap | Longford

This private house in Longford was covered roof and all in our Yakisugi Fukai.  The timber was burned, cooled and then heavily brushed to remove all the charr.  Clear oil was applied just to stop the transfer of soot onto clothes, walls, grounds etc.  The clear oil will alow the cladding to age to a nice silvery grey patina whilst accentuating the beautiful figuring of the timber.

Although something that is very rarely seen and as one of the very vew houses in the country to use Yakisugi cladding on the roof structure prooving that with the correct design and detail anything is possible.  

Well done to the Architects and Builders involved. 

Long service life and durability

Low carbon footprint

Little to low maintenance

charred douglas fir cladding

Douglas | Fukai | Clear

Wood Species

Douglas Fir  Ex1x6


Charred, brushed and coated with Clear Oil




Private Self Build

Profiles Available

Element 142x19 and 43x43 Battens

Yakisugi Cladding in Longford
Yakisugi Cladding in Longford ireland
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