Fukai - Yakisugi Cladding

Deep brushing adds the most contrast with Fukai for a natural finish or a touch of colour

Fukai - Yakisugi

Fukai allows customers to be a little more different to everyone else.  
Like Yakedo and Hikari our Fukai Yakisugi is burned to a depth of 2-3mm and when ready will be brushed 2 - 3 times to enhance the beautiful grain even further.  Fukai can be treated with a clear coating that will eventually submit to natural weathering to create a beautiful greyish petina similar to the the project on this page.  However we offer 6 colour options so you can add more personality to your project.
This coating system was developed specifically for charred timber.  

Naturally Durable

Using naturally durable species our Fukai Yakisugi enhances the durability further


Long Service Life

When detailed correctly for your project our Fukai Yakisugi  cladding can last 80 years and more.


Sustainable Cladding

The timber we use to produce our Yakisugi cladding is responsibly sourced from suppliers all across the globe.


Excellent Stability

We only supply timber cladding that proves to have good to excellent stability in service.


Low Maintenance

Fukai can be left to weather naturally similar to the project below with very low maintenance


Choice Of Colours

We can also add a splash of colour to Fukai allowing for greater personality for your project

Fukai Colours

yakisugi berry classic


yakisugi chestnut classic


yakisugi lunar grey classic

Lunar Grey

yakisugi tan classic


yakisugi rosewood classic


yakisugi oak classic


West Galway hides this beautiful example of Fukai Larch Yakisugi

Fukai Yakisugi Larch - Clear Coat | Natural Weathering

yakisugi cladding
yakisugi cladding shou sugi ban
yakisugi siberian larch cladding
yakisugi siberian larch cladding ireland
shou sugi ban cladding ireland
siberian larch burnt cladding
burnt timber cladding ireland
charred cladding galway ireland
Two more burn options to choose from…
charred timber cladding

Yakedo - Yakisugi

A deep burn and sealed to fix that blister effect for longer

Yakedo is burnt in our in-house charring line and then coated with our specially developed oil to fix the charr helping to hold that character for longer.

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charred timber cladding ireland

Hikari - Yakisugi

Once brushed and sealed 

Hikari is brushed and coated in our special Dark Night finish. Depending on the species Hikari creates a dramatic effect for any project.

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